Montag, 10. April 2017

Urban Body and Mind Sessions - Urban Mindfulness – 20 & 21 May 2017

Dr. Majken Bieniok (Dipl. Psych.) & Co.

The city, with its places, streets, parks and other Commons, provides the space and possibility to meet other people and to interact. The meeting might be intimate or superficial, yet the space always offers the opportunity to stay a bit longer and observe what is going on. You may discover architectural or natural structures, as well as underlying social structures, patterns, and communities and perceive their communality and individuality. Mindfulness is an old Commons! The practice of mindfulness can be a tool to focus on these discoveries as well as on your personal or shared associations, thoughts, and experiences.
We would like to invite you to a walk through your body, mind, and the city, in the tradition of mindfulness, detecting potentially overseen secrets. You don’t need special skills or knowledge for this journey; it is all Commons. You just need an open mind and the right clothing for standing or sitting still for a while in any weather condition. Please be minimalistic with what you carry along the journey. The instruction language will be English.

(max. 12 participants per group/date – registration and detailed information via e-mail – - donation between 5-15 Euros)

Where: City of Berlin
When: group A: Saturday the 20.May 2017 exact 15:00h (duration 3,5h)
and group B: Sunday the 21. May 2017 exact 15:00h (duration 3,5h)

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