Berlin Urban Commons Series - BUCS

Transdisciplinary Research Series - October 2016 – July 2017

The Urban Research Group Urban Commons at the GSZ is pleased to present a continuation of their work about urban commons in the form of an event series from October 2016 to July 2017 in Berlin.

Topics addressed in the first round of events include urban citizenship, Bologna as a testing ground for commons in everyday life, the New Urban Agenda (Habitat III), urban mindfulness, digitalization, place-making, and the touristification of urban commons.

The events are open to the public and will be held in German or English. The series will be accompanied by a public relations strategy, with the goal of building a trans-sectoral Urban Commons Network made up of activists, practitioners, researchers and other interested parties.

First Events:

Event 1: Urban Commons and the New Urban Agenda – inventory and outlook
online talk with critical observer of the Habitat III conference - by Dr. Martin Schwegmann
17.-20. October 2016

Event 2: Urban Citizenship and the Commons: Welcoming Undocumented Migrants?
with Dr. Mathias Rodatz, Institut for Humangeography, Goethe-Universität - by Dr. Markus Kip and Dr. Martin Schwegmann
November 2016

Event 3: Urban Commons in Bologna: Experiences with the new regulation on urban commons
with Prof. Christian Iaione, associate professor of public law at Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome and visiting professor of governance of the commons at LUISS Guido Carli where he directs LabGov – LABoratory for the GOVernance of the Commons ( - by Dr. Martin Schwegmann
Januar 2017

Event 4: Mapping, Big Data, Citizens Tech… What does digitalization mean for urban commons?
with Prof. Marian Dörk (N.N.) from the Urban Complexity Lab at Potsdam University of Applied Science and Andrien Labaye (N.N.)( Urban Researcher in the field of urban und digital commons) - by Dr. Martin Schwegmann
June 2017

Ongoing Events: Urban body and mind sessions (urban mindfulness) 

with Dr. Majken Bieniok (Dipl. Psych.)
01. & 02. Oct 2016 and 20. & 21. May 2017

The city, with its places, streets, parks and other Commons, provides the and possibility to meet other people and to interact. The meeting might be intimate or superficial, yet the space always offers the opportunity to stay a bit longer and observe what is going on. You may discover architectural or natural structures, as well as underlying social structures, patterns, and communities and perceive their communality and individuality. Mindfulness is an old Commons! The practice of mindfulness can be a tool to focus on these discoveries as well as on your personal or shared associations, thoughts, and experiences.

We would like to invite you to a walk through your body, mind, and the city, in the tradition of mindfulness, detecting potentially overseen secrets. You don’t need special skills or knowledge for this journey; it is all Commons. You just need an open mind and the right clothing for standing or sitting still for a while in any weather condition. Please be minimalistic with what you carry along the journey. The instruction language will be English.

(max. 12 participants per group/date – registration and detailed information via e-mail – - donation between 5-15 Euros)

Dr. Majken Bieniok (Dipl. Psych.) and Co.

Recommended Literature

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