Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

First Urban Mindfullness Workshop

On October first, we took the Gleisdreieckpark in Berlin as a common resource to meet as a group of 11 people. We discovered architectural and natural structures, as well as underlying social structures in the tradition of Mindfulness Meditation and we developed our own imaginative urban utopia. We shared our personal associations, thoughts, experiences, and two apples. Having the right clothing we were able to enjoy also the rain which was not stopping to drop from above.
It was fun and inspiring.

Program - 01.10.2016 (3,5h)

  • Commons and their major aspects: resources, people and relationships
  • The witness
  • How to practice Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness exercises:
  • Warm up and formal Mindfulness Meditation
  • The mirror
  • 3 major aspects
Imaginational exercise:
  • Relaxation
  • My urban utopia (with drum)
Metta, reflection and wrap up and goodbye!
Majken & Sarah

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